28 January, 2014


Dear Sirs,

Ukraine is in desperate need. The citizens of Ukraine are fighting against the hidden USSR, against the hidden KGB structure, against organized crime generated by communists and the KGB. We are on the brink of war with Putin's Russia. There was no lustration in Ukraine. All this conflict was created deliberately by organized criminal associations, by their representatives on Ukraine's territories.

More than half of all Ukrainian state officials and MPs are controlled by the KGB http://scr.bi/LRATaV

We are convinced that what we are seeing now is just the tip of the iceberg because sources that are accessible to the public often do not list complete information about the educational background and careers of former Soviet Ukrainian state officials.

The Yanukovych government, as well as the “wide-ranging” political spectrum in Ukraine, is a KGB-communist structure that is maintained with the aid of the substitution of concepts, half truths, theater, and artificial competition.Thus, it is unmistakably clear that the goal of Ukraine’s state officials under the control of the KGB and the former communist elite is to discredit the independence of the Ukrainian state: to undermine the idea of independence through the destruction of the law, absence of reforms, and proliferation of “kitsch,” and to spark nostalgia for the idea of reuniting Ukraine with Russia in the form of a neo-USSR.

There will be no Ukrainian state until official lustration is carried out in Ukraine.

Please join us before the new war between Civilization and Totalitarianism breaks out. It is worth recalling that he anti-German coalition was six years late.

Best regards,

Boris Chykulay


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