16 December, 2009

"LUSTRATION or, Ukraine under KGB Control" in Prague and Berlin

During 2009 our NGO 'Forum of Ukrainians of the Czech Republic' conducted extensive research about the ongoing and serious influence of ex-KGB and ex-Communist leaders in Ukraine's state system.

The results are extremely revealing, in terms of why NATO and EU membership remain so far out of Ukraine's reach, and why Ukraine continues to flounder instead of making headway towards a transparent democratic system.

It is very difficult to raise public and critical awareness about these issues in Ukraine, due to systemic problems with political and media freedom. Therefore, between 21 December 2009 and 11 January 2010 I will be travelling between Berlin and Prague to promote our findings. I have attached a translated version of our research for you to read, as I'd like to invite you, or your colleagues, to meet to discuss this issue further.


I look forward to the opportunity of meeting with you, or any assistance you could provide.

With warm regards,

Boris Chykulay

KYIV +380 977 977 300
PRAGUE +420 603 347 626
SKYPE ok1wua
E-MAIL boris.chykulay@gmail.com

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